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The Innovation Promotion Society (TIPS) is a not-for-profit organisation registered in Bangalore, Registration number DRB-S/SOR/623/2011-12,  and is an initiative of the Regional Engineering College / National Institute of Technology (REC/NIT), Calicut, alumni network and is open to all to become members and contribute to its activities. It is managed and guided by people from industry with extensive experience in different engineering fields and have held senior positions, having come up through the ranks. This unique background along with institutional structure of TIPS provides an ideal background to promote innovations in India.

Any innovation is the outcome of coordinated efforts of several individuals, performing specialised tasks, as in a bee-hive, the logo of TIPS. There is no flash of a genius nor a eureka moment in innovations, it only needs the lifting of the burden of traditional routines with a leverage to discover creativity and innovations.

As a not for profit organisation, the objectives of TIPS have a long term focus of providing training to develop an innovation conducive industrial culture. Our focus is not on one-off product development, but is in providing the relevant organisation the training and tools to develop the innovations themselves, with some additional support as required.

At the student level our focus is on guiding the students to undertake innovative projects as part of their curriculum rather than supporting any project that they have chosen. This ground up innovation development focused on students and staff of small and medium scale industries combined with the resources of the REC/NIT Alumni network provides an ideal platform for innovation promotion in India.

TIPS offers three training programs to promote innovations and one awards program for innovative student projects. Details can be found at the other web pages.

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