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One of the objectives of TIPS is information exchange to promote innovation in India, with focus on students and entrepreneurs . At present there are a lot of innovation promotion related projects and activities, both in the private and public sectors and a diligent selection and consolidation of news to suit the target audience would be helpful. 

Update of TIPS web pages (Jan  2013)

The “useful links” page of this web site has been updated to include information about innovation related study and research opportunities in Canada and details about the National Research Council initiative of the Government of India. See items 13 to 16 in the “useful links” page.


A good criticism of the Indian situation related to innovation promotion by an IIT prof.


Provides incisive comments about the science, technology and innovation policy announced by the Indian government

Student innovation research opportunities in Canada


Scholarship program for innovators supported by Rolls Royce


All India business innovation contest. Winners will be mentored by business leaders.


Innovation conference in Delhi organised by the Global Business School Network



AMU has decided to take initiative in innovation promotion 

AMU is establishing a university level innovation centre to stimulate innovation in all the departments

 Indian R&D spending unaffected by global financial crisis    

Data indicate that Indian R and D spending has increased to 40 billion dollars, doubled compared to the 2007 figures.

Microsoft to open 14 innovation centres in India .

 These centres to be operationalised in two years will train half a million Indian students


China is planning to set up an innovation centre in Gijarat.


Indian graduate students lack the skills that industry needs. .

 Only around fifty percent are directly employable. The academics have to collaborate with industry to address this situation, report from IIM Ahmedabad

Indian IT companies are not innovative 

Phaneesh Murthy, CEO of iGate claims that Indian IT companies are not innovative and there is no industry interaction with academia.


 India – Australia innovation training program 

Sydney university global MBA program talks about the role of experiential learning in innovation.

 National Innovation Council Report 

Sam Pitroda has submitted the annual report of the National Innovation Council  to the president. He has indicated that five innovation centres will be co-located at selected Institutes. The initial budget will be 500 crores. In addition 1000 scholarships will be provided by the Human Resource Development Ministry

 Indian IT companies are not innovative -  

Indian IT companies have failed to innovate. All of the technologies including the books they follow are of western origin, according to Narayana Murthy, of Infosys.



CSIR is planning to setup innovation centres in Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai. Already CSIR is cornering most of the research money which has not produced any worthwhile innovation has again cornered the innovation funds. Research is not innovation, research converts money into ideas while innovation converts ideas into money. Mind boggling to see that CSIR is cornering innovation funds

Discussion on what is innovation.

Small Scale industries to get innovation fund

Minister Vayalar Ravi has announced that part of teh innovation fund will be dedicated to the small scale industry

Jugaad is not Innovation

At last Chidambaram, The Union Finance minister has said that jugaad is a corrupt way of looking at


India’s innovation efficiency is good. But the actual outputs are lowest among BRIC countries.  

This consulting organisation conducts regular panel discussion of experts on innovation fromIndiaand abroad. Appears to be good event for social networking. (March 2012)!publiC2_Outbrief.pdf 

A good report on the current innovation scene inIndia including a review of facilities available from education institutions.  (March 2012) 

An enlightened criticism of Indian management schools and how they inhibit innovations that are relevant to the country. (March 2012)

Apeejay- MIT innovation workshop to be held in Delhi, March 2012. Registrations open.

Mac Kinsey provides an insight into the aspects of innovations in China.

Many believe that India is emerging as an innovation hub. Here is a contrary view form an Indian scientist based at MIT.

This is an Innovators association in Pune headed by Kirloskers. Seem to have several meetings.

This is an initiative by the RV college of Engineering in Bangalore. Conducts innovation related workshops.  

Information Society Innovation Fund (Feb 2012) 

If you have any project ideas to help the disadvantaged through Information technology related projects, send in a project idea to the web link below. Every year several small scale projects are funded by this innovation fund.  

Israelhelps Indian innovations ( Feb 2012) 

Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) is an Israeli organisation that advices large companies on innovation. According to SIT representative, what is needed in Indiais support for the innovation process, not for any particular innovation.  Its advice, among others, include government support for promoting and communicating about innovations, the theme of TIPS.  

Truth about Indian innovations ( Feb 2012) 

Many believe that Indiais strong in biotech research and many high tech research are being carried out in Indiaon behalf of MNCs. The data tells a very different story. Even in the much talked about IT sector, outsourced work is primarily due to lower wages, the fact that many IT companies are moving to tier 3 and 4 cities to chase lower wages is the proof.

DST-Lockheed Martin Innovation Program (Feb 2012)

This program provides comprehensive support for Indian innovators to develop and market their product globally. Highly recommended for any one who has developed an innovation with global sales potential.

Seed funding for innovators ( Feb 2012)

A rupees 500 crores innovation fund is planned to be launched by June-July this year to support innovations in key sectors. This is expected to provide seed money for those with feasible innovation ideas. It is expected to have a private-public joint funding arrangement.

Solar powered ATMs for rural areas (Feb 2012).

This machine developed by a Chennai company and deployed by the State Bank of India costs less and has half the operating cost of the standard machines.   There is tremendous opportunity to replicate this approach to rural service delivery technologies.

Innovations from rural India (Feb 2012)

The link below provides several innovation ideas. The pictures show several products that have potential for improvement and wider marketability. The need for good product design is obvious and presents opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Meta-university to Promote Innovation. ( Feb 2012)

As part of the inclusive innovation program, Government of India is planning to promote meta-university concept where students from one university can take academic courses from others with internet providing the connectivity.

Must read for innovators Feb 2012)

 This web site lists several college projects which others can build upon. This also lists several areas where innovations are required to address specific needs, which can be taken up by colleges and innovators. 

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