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TIPS  Innovation Awards  2013

The world is undergoing a major economic upheaval and many believe that this will result in fundamental changes in the global economic structure and provides an opportunity for innovations in all aspects of the economy. The government of India has declared this decade as the “decade of Innovations” and have introduced several initiatives to encourage innovation in all sectors including education. See

The Innovation Promotion Society (TIPS), part of the National Institute of Technology, Calicut (NITC) alumni network has instituted ten (10) awards for Engineering College student projects, with Rs 30,000 as the first prize. Innovation is the implementation of an idea, new or old to improve a product with marketability in focus. Typically an innovation developed in consultation with the potential users including considerations for manufacture and marketing is likely to become a successful innovation. Succeesful projects will be considered for commercialisation support through Technology Business Incubator of NIT Calicut.


1. Students or faculty of engineering colleges in Kerala are eligible to apply.

2. The project should involve fabrication of a working model. It should be of practical value and innovative.

3. It can be continuation of an earlier project

4. It need not necessarily be high tech. It can be for example an improved design for farming tool, kitchen equipment, etc.)

5. Application for the award is to be made at the conceptual stage of the project so that funding and or guidance can be considered by TIPS.

6. The winners will be invited to the Tatva festival at NITC for the award ceremony.

7. Last date for application is 30th September 2013

Application:  Email project details to Jayaprakashan Ambali,  or or use the Form below.

Names of students or faculty:

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Project Title:

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