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Cultural Basis of Social Innovation

Case of Quality Circles


Jayaprakashan Ambali


Abstract: The Quality Circles that originated as a productivity and quality improvement organisational arrangement is conceptualised as a social innovation. It is argued that this social innovation has its basis in the cultural values of Japan and is unlikely to be effective in other cultures without changes to the motivational incentives offered.

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Dynamics of Innovation Implementation

Case of Quality Circle as a

Social Innovation 


Jayaprakashan Ambali


Abstract: This is the first part of a report published by the World Bank as detailed below;
Publisher: Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program, World Bank (1989)
Language: English

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The Quality Circles which emerged as a organisational arrangement to improve quality and productivity in in Japanese companies in the early 1980s is conceptualised as a social innovation. Success of the implementation of this innovation in various organisations outside of Japan has not been uniform and this report analyses and provides a framework to classify the changes that the innovation has undergone during the process of implementation.

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               Reflections on Innovations



 Dr. T. Ramasamy

 Secretary, department of Science and Technology

 Government of India

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