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Program Schedule – 2012 

 Up-coming Event

 Meeting with Dr. C G K Nair, Chairman, NITC Board of Governors, on Inclusive Innovation Centre. March 2013


Earlier Events


1. NITC Golden Jubilee Valedictory Function Address. (23 March 2012)

NITC, Calicut, By John Mathai ( IAS Retd), TIPS founder member.


2. Innovations for India . ( 30 March 2012)

Full Day Seminar. Mar Athanasius College of Engineering, Ernakulam, Kerala. By Jayaprakashan Ambali, and KJ Paulose,  TIPS founder members.

3. Innovation Ideas. (10 April 2012)

Introductory Lecture, IIT Bombay. By Prof.Narendra Shah and Jayaprakashan Ambali


4. Testing Fighter Aircraft: Case of Tejus.  (19 April 2012)

Innovative technology lecture, NIT Calicut By. Ravindran Puthalath, TIPS founder member.


5. Innovations for India. (16 April 2012)

Joint seminar with Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technology Museum, Bangalore, Jayaprakashan Ambali, Sunil Kumar and M Pavithran, TIPS founder members.


6. 8th Innovation India Summit , Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) (30  August 2012)

TIPS will be  represented at the summit by P.K. Ravindran, President of TIPS and M K Krishnan, Secretary of TIPS.


7. Participation at the Tathva program at NITC Calicut. ( 19 to 20 October)

Ravindran and Pavithran will participate in the Tathva program and  involve in assessment of student projects and delivering a lecture.


8. TIPS Lecture Series. Mar Athanasius College of Engineering, Ernakulam, Kerala. By  Dr Mettu Sambi Reddy.  ( 14 December 2012 )

Dr Reddy was with NASA, Johnstone Space Centre, Houston, Texas for nearly decades involved in strucural analysis and is at present the head of stuctures durability group at Lockheed Martin. HE will talk about the latest in durability analysis of structures including damage tolerant design. Please email for further details.




The primary focus of TIPS is training and information exchange directed towards students of technical institutions and staff of small and medium enterprises, with emphasis on technical innovations in mechanical, electrical, electronics and civil engineering specialities.

The initial focus will be geographically limited to the states of Karnataka and Kerala till the branches are established in other states. Noting that TIPS is a registered not for profit organisation, the cost recovery principles may apply to the following programs.

1. Innovation Principles

This is a two hour interactive presentation of the essential ideas behind developing innovative products. This will cover a review of the patent landscape in India, types of innovations and conditions for its development. Participants will get an opportunity to review about two dozen simple innovative products from abroad and discuss their purpose and potential in the Indian context.

TIPS have highly experienced members in various industries and at times this presentation may be supplemented by specialised presentation about innovations in aviation, oil and gas and electrical control systems, etc.


2. Innovation Development Workshop 

This is a full day workshop with intensive participation, divided into four sessions. The first session will cover the patent landscape in India with discussions on the patent process and some of the indian innovations. The second session will cover the principles of innovation, where some innovative products from abroad will be reviewed. The next sessions will deal with the Innovation Tree Analysis (ITA) where simple products will be analysed for innovation potential and substantiated by various products brought from abroad. The last session will focus on exploring product ideas suggested by the participants and will include practical aspects of guiding a brain storming session. Because of the hands on nature of the workshop, not more than twenty persons can be accommodated in a workshop.

This workshop will be helpful for staff of small and medium enterprises and students of technical institutions to identify and implement academic projects.

3. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development Workshop

This is a two day workshop which combines innovation workshop noted earlier with entrepreneurship development.  The entrepreneurship development aspects will cover creativity, lateral thinking, ideation etc. Several case studies including those of Post-it, Walkman and Velcro will be discussed in detail.

4. Innovation Awards 

The student projects that have a high level of innovative content will be recognised by TIPS- Awards. TIPS will work collaboratively with the technical educational institutions to select and implement innovative projects by the students as part of their academic program. Guidance and financial support will be provided as appropriate and significant projects will be recognised by awards at the college and state level. At this stage students and faculty from  Kerala and Karnataka are encouraged to contact TIPS for student projects to be considered for TIPS support. See “Awards” page of this web site for details of 2013  TIPS Awards.

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