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Support for innovations in India come primarily from the government typically routed through the research and educational institutions. The primary focus of TIPS being the education and information exchange related to innovations, a brief summary of the type of assistance provided by other organisations are summarised below along with links to their respective web sites. TIPS activities are complementary to the activities of other organisation in the innovation field.


DST-Lockheed Martin Innovation Program 

This program provides comprehensive support for Indian innovators to develop and market their product globally. Highly recommended for any one who has developed an innovation with global sales potential.

National Innovation Foundation (NIF).
The Department of Science and Technology supports NIF, established to provide institutional support in scouting, spawning, sustaining and scaling up grass roots green innovations and helping their transition to self supporting activities. Within the framework of NIF is The Honey Bee Network data base that has a data base of 10,000 innovations that meet their criteria.

Grassroots Innovation Augmentation Network (GIAN)

GIAN scales up innovations from the Honey Bee Network through value additions in innovations.

Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions (SRISTI).

SRISTI provides organisational support to Honey Bee Network to systematically document, disseminate and develop innovations through support for intellectual property rights protection.

As noted above, the NIF is a web of organisations primarily focussed on grass roots innovations and green technologies.

Innovations of India

This organisation is supported by the Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation and is focussed on innovations that have a rural development focus. The organisation provides regular awards for significant innovations and helps provide assistance in the development and dissemination of innovation to improve the rural populace.

Society for Innovation Development (SID) 

SID at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, helps to develop innovations primarily based on the research carried out at the Institute. SID draws from, and provides access to, the intellectual and infrastructural resources of the Institute. A few successful organisations have been incubated by SIDs.

The Invention Promotion Program (IPP)

IPP is part of the National Research and Development Corporation (NRDC) of the Government of India which provides assistance to patenting and commercialisation of inventions and innovative ideas. IPP  also has a program to award prizes for meritorious inventions and is limited to rural and green technology focus.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) promotion program

The objective of this program by the Ministry of Information Technology is to protect the innovative outcomes of research and development organisations. This organisation has been active in providing support for IP protection and several patents, copy rights and other instruments have been secured through their support. The focus however is on electronics and the IT sector.

India Innovation Growth program.

This program instituted for two years initially is supported by the Department of Science and technology in collaboration with the Lockheed Martin Corporation provides intensive training, product development, financial and marketing support for innovations in a wide variety of fields.

Technopreneur Promotion Programme (TePP)

This program is supported by the Department of Science and Industrial Research and provides funding for development and commercialisation of innovations. Innovations in a wide range of areas are supported by this program.

 Technopark Technology Business Incubator (T-TBI)

This is a joint initiative by the Trivandrum Technopark and the Department of Science and Technology to provide support for the innovators through incubation and infrastructure support. The focus of this organisation is in the IT sector.

 Incubation Centres

Most of the Indian Institute of Technologies (IIT) and National Institute of Technologies (NIT) have facilities for the incubation of innovations. The web sites of the respective organisations provide details of the facilities provided.

Patent Related Information

Patent related information is of importance to most innovations. A good introduction to the patenting process can be found in the following link

 Engineering Student Projects Competition

This is an annual competition organised by the electric power industry organisation


 India Innovation Institute

The University of Toronto has established India Innovation Institute to promote joint research into innovation related topics between the two countries. Prof. Dilip Soman is the first director of this centre. Apart from academic research, the centre is also envisaged to support specific innovative ideas. It may be an opportunity for students from India to study innovation related studies in Canada.

India Innovation Portal

India innovation portal is an initiative of the central Government to network and disseminate innovation related information. This web portal is part of the National Innovation Council projects. It contains a lot of innovation related research reports.

National Innovation Council

National Innovation Council is the apex body to help the formulation of Indian innovation policy for the period 2010 to 2020. It has formulated several sectoral and university level coordinating mechanisms to advance innovation. Initial budget estimates indicates a billion dollars for this activity. The web provides opportunities for interested persons to provide comments and ideas to the council


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